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Evolving from a recruiting-as-a-service foundation, DeepMatch strives to truly understand the passions, goals, and all criteria important to people in optimizing their moves and career growth as well as the needs, goals, vision, and mission of our client-companies at as deep a level as possible.

We are a true headhunting organization, not relying on advertising to attract active job seekers but instead investing significant time and resources into engaging passive candidates who have a high degree of fit  on the typical dimensions then talking with them to assess the other elements of fit before making the introduction.

DeepMatch is founded upon the premise that the better the match from the get-go, the greater the likelihood of a mutually positive outcome for candidate and company.

We believe DeepMatching results in hires with greater passion and higher levels of engagement,  which in turn, leads to greater growth.


Our founder/managing director and Principal DeepMatcher, Sean Fitzgerald, began his recruiting career in early 1999 in the midst of the dot-com bubble. He quickly became adept at high-volume recruiting for 100+ client companies that he managed and by 2000 was the top recruiter of over fifty recruiters in the firm.

Sean transitioned to financial services recruiting during the 2008-2013 period placing financial advisors with broker-dealers. But his passion was always with tech. In 2016 Sean returned to technical recruiting and quickly discovered tech recruiting had completely changed.
A life-long learner, Sean embraced the changes and soon was up to speed on how to successfully recruit passive candidates via social networks and experienced great successes. Sean always had entrepreneurial aspirations. In September 2018, with over 13 years recruiting experience, he felt the timing was right to start DeepMatch.

Deepmatching involves matching candidates on a dozen or more dimensions of fit similar to dimensions used in online dating applications.   We think about fit in the sense of complementing and creating synergies with existing team members (think Olympic gymnastics team selection),  not fit in the sense of minions or carbon-copies. DeepMatching is an evolving process that stems from Sean’s in-depth understanding of the recruiting process and the impact that accurate assessment of initial degree-of-fit has not only on the end-of-funnel outcome but on the successful growth of the hiring company.

DeepMatch specializes in these segments of technology: artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, blockchain, and IoT.

DeepMatch sources candidates and works with candidates and companies through every step of the process.  We also provide insight and advice on optimizing and fine-tuning recruiting processes to streamline hiring process and ensure delivery of exceptional candidate experiences.

We look forward to continued success in building startup companies with DeepMatch!

Core Values:
Do Unto Others
Treating others as they want to be treated and I would want to be treated myself in their position and truly embracing multi-perspectivism
Integrity & Reliability
Honesty before all else and always dependable to follow-through
Transparency & Communication
Clear, direct, open, straightforward
Deep Listening
Understanding others’ points of view, motivations, needs, wants, concerns, priorities,
positives and negatives

paying close attention to spoken and unspoken
Learning is a life-long work in progress voracious hunger to grow and evolve
Tenacious, never-give-up attention to detail and strive to achieve goals
Diversity & Inclusion
Engaging, intersectional environment where everyone matters and culture add valued over culture fit

We encourage you to check out our recommendations to get a feel for candidates’ experiences working with us.

If you are a mid to senior level individual contributor, manager, director, vice president or C-Suite officer in a tech company looking to explore something new, we should talk.

Even if you are not ready to make a move right now,  we would love to jump on a call with you to get to know you and understand what your ideal opportunity would look like for when you are ready.

Together we will work to get you on the right team with the right manager in the right organization building the right technology that will re-light the spark of joy in your career again!

If you have a friend or colleague you would like to refer to DeepMatch, we would love to be introduced and offer a generous referral bonus should we place her or him.



Why DeepMatch?


• 13+ years of professional recruiting experience

• Matching opportunities on more dimensions leading to greater alignment with your passion, interests and career goals

• We truly care and listen carefully to understand your career goals, interests, expertise, motivation, search criteria, timeline, deal-breakers, and much more.

• Understanding the specialized approach to working with passive candidates (people who are mostly content in their current positions, but open to considering something really special should it come their way)

• Near real-time response time to questions, phenomenal follow-through and follow-up on interviews, available every stage of the process

• Considerate and creative offer-negotiation assistance


We encourage you to check out our recommendations to get a sense of what it is like working with us.

DeepMatch is not focused on simply filling jobs.  We are focused on building companies.

We specialize in software engineering, machine learning/data scientists,and leadership roles (engineering, product management, people & culture, sales, marketing)  including VP and C-Suite.

We are extremely selective in companies we work with based on our belief in the vision and business model and passion for what you are doing.

DeepMatch will feel like a part of your team with our high level of dedication and charisma for what you are building.


Why DeepMatch?

• Candidates matched on more dimensions of fit and closer aligned to team and org needs

• Best-in-Class follow-through (on call 17 hours day/7 days week)

• RPO or retained search level of service on a contingency model. You pay us nothing until we make a placement with your company

• Passion, energy, and enthusiasm for your mission and vision

• Over 13 years of professional recruiting experience

• Advice on how to optimize your recruiting and interview process for both candidate experience as well as outcome
DeepMatch provides a high-quality/low-quantity boutique service assisting startup companies in building their organizations through key difficult-to -fill hires.

• Intake call with executives or hiring managers scopes deeper that JD’s and confirms alignment on mission and message

• Full Life-Cycle Recruiting: sourcing, submission, candidate intake call/notes, scheduling phone interviews/technical screens/coding sessions/coding tests, follow up on calls/tests, scheduling onsites, follow up on onsites, sharing candidate feedback, discussing comp expectations and offer strategizing, presenting verbal offers (in some cases), offer negotiation, closing, acceptance (logistics, start date), check in (30 days, 60 days, 90 days and beyond)

• Flexibility in terms and to customize terms on a case-by-case basis to make things work for candidate and company as needed to GET IT DONE!

• Tenacious drive to help you achieve your hiring goals.

Mark Wilson
I find Sean to be dependable, trustworthy and hard working. He has consistently provided me with exciting opportunities that fit with my skill set. He manages to stay on top of things without being overbearing. Finding a job can be stressful but his patience, loyalty and confidence in my abilities kept me focused and poised for success. Sean has definitely earned my respect and a client for life. I highly recommend Sean if you are seeking to develop your career.
Daniel Driscoll
Director of Engineering
BitGo, Inc.
I can't thank Sean enough for the vigor and persistence he showed in representing me for my new role. Given some very limited constraints and requirements, he was able to navigate the new-hire-dating game for me and landed me an exciting opportunity that I couldn't be happier with. Thanks Sean!
Dawid Ciężarkiewicz
Blockchain Engineer
BitGo, Inc.
Sean helped me join a great team in an industry of my interest.
Ameya Phalek
Senior Software Engineer
Magic Leap
I had the opportunity of collaborating with Sean recently and it was a very positive experience. Sean was very friendly, understood my career requirements perfectly and was always responsive. He helped me schedule interviews, delivered prompt feedback and maintained an effective communication throughout. I would highly recommend using his talent and network for job hunting!
Niwat Charoeloet
Fullstack Software Engineer
Sean was really helpful and professional with presenting me new career opportunities and understanding my aspirations. He is a great communicator and will do his best to defend a candidate interests. I really enjoyed working with Sean, and I am really happy with the role he presented me.
Jin Huang
CTO and VP of Engineering
Very good services and screening. Listening well and providing high quality candidates. We were able to hire the best candidates provided by Sean.
Patrick Flor
VP Engineering
Working with Sean has created massive value for me and my teams. He managed to find an almost perfect team, domain, and technical fit for me when I was a (very) passive candidate, and now as a hiring manager I look to him first to find us similarly great mutual fits. He is a thorough, sensitive communicator, a great listener, and a persistently on-message advocate for both sides of the relationships he facilitates.
Wendong Zhue
Director of Engineering
My experience of working with Sean was exceptional. Sean is the most proactive recruiter I've met. We connected one and half years ago. At that time, I was not on job market. Sean kept me updated with the latest market information, and provided me useful suggestions. When I think of recruiters, Sean is the first one coming into my mind. Sean just helped me and placed me into an ideal role. I am very grateful for his perseverance and expertise in finding me a role that suited my circumstances. Highly recommend Sean!
Jethro Lai
Senior Software Engineer
Personal Capital
Sean helped me immensely during my last job search. He connected me to the right sources and all of them were aligned with my best interest and skills. He's also not only very responsive but also proactive. It's been a great experience to work with him in this transition. I highly recommend him if you ever need a new job.
Sunshant Dewan
Software Engineering Manager
VMWare (Wavefront)
Sean is an excellent recruiter, too good at his job and unlike other recruiters, he is not pushy at all. It is my pleasure to recommend Sean. He is extremely professional and will present the case of his client to prospective employers in the best possible and effective manner. Recruiting/hiring/interviewing is a very stressful process and Sean understands that and is always easily reachable via email/phone in case you have any questions. I highly recommend you to connect with Sean on Linkedin and see what he has to offer.
J. Andrew Key
Technical Lead/Architect
Zume Pizza & Linc
After a quick chat Sean learned exactly what I was looking for and quickly placed me in front of companies that would be a proper match. If you need someone who will correctly introduce you to high-quality opportunities, then ask for Sean Fitzgerald by name. Very highly recommended!
Carson Kahn
Co-Founder & CTO
Sean has successfully placed an amazing 40% of our engineering organization, and 100% of his placements have been our topmost performers. He goes to unparalleled lengths to learn about very advanced technologies to understand our needs and make uncommonly targeted recommendations. In fact, our mid-funnel conversions for his candidates are twice that of any other recruiter we work with. What’s more, Sean seems to genuinely care about the welfare of both his clients and candidates, and I know many candidates develop career-long relationships with him across several successful placements. Sean is reliable, efficient, and always attentive to sudden changes in our needs or plans. Indeed, I have never worked with a recruiter more diligent than he. I cannot recommend Sean highly enough.
Douglas Williams
Senior Product Manager-Computer Vision
Sean is one of the most detail-oriented and responsive recruiters I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He responds to questions and concerns with lighting speed, acts as a great liaison between the candidate and the hiring company, and he provides prompt, frequent check ins. He treats candidates like they are valued which is why you should use Sean as a recruiting tool for your company - companies should have recruiters like him.
Michael Sewell
VP of Engineering
Sean has been great recruiter to work with. He seeks to understand our needs in depth and the quality of candidates presented is high. He also seeks to do the right thing for the candidate and doesn't just blindly push his own jobs at their expense. The candidate we've hired through him has worked out great so far, and we'll happily continue to work with him for future times we need to make a difficult hire.
Akshay Kumar
Machine Learning
Amazon Alexa
ean and I started working when I was looking for a little career change from pure engineering to data science. Having had no previous professional experience in Data Science, the search was hard. However, Sean spent a lot of time understanding my goals and skills and was able to match me with a great company where I could use my skills in the field of my liking. To me that was quite exceptional as having talked to other recruiters, I was willing to settle for an engineering role that could ease me into the data science field a year or so later! For a fully personalized and custom job search experience, I could not recommend Sean highly enough.
Bill Anderson
AI Research & Engineering
Sean somehow managed to match me by my LinkedIn profile to a small Bay Area startup where I am very happily working today. He is uncannily skilled at looking past the bullet points to match the person with the client, rather than matching a resume to a position description. A less capable recruiter might not have made this match. During the interview process, Sean was supportive and went the extra mile to make sure I was kept in the loop at every stage. If I were looking for another position or starting my own company and looking for recruiting support, I would definitely turn to Sean. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Cameron Perry
Web Application Developer
Sean helped place me at my current position and was great to work with during the whole process. Other recruiters have bombarded me with open positions and required me to do all the research to figure out if they are a good fit, but Sean asked me what I was looking for and gave me a few options that were all extremely interesting. He provided great support through the entire process and I wouldn't have been able to find this opportunity without him. I have worked with many recruiters over the years, and Sean is one of the few that I would love to work with again!
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